ULPIN – Land Aadhaar, Unique ID under One Nation One Registration Scheme

The need for digital record-keeping of land records has become more apparent currently. Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) was launched to address this issue. At a DILRMP national workshop, the concept of a Unique Land Parcel Identification number was discussed openly.

You can see this as Aadhaar number of land. Similar to the aadhaar number, which is a unique ID of every individual resident, ULPIN is a unique ID number of land parcels.

The Union Budget 2022 speech highlighted the One Nation One Registration scheme. As per our Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, “The creation of One Nation, One Registration will facilitate ease of living and ease of conducting business at any location”.

What is ULPIN Scheme?

aadhaar number of land in India

ULPIN  (Unique Land Parcel Identification Number) is a unique 14-digit alphanumeric ID. As depicted from its name, it is a unique number for land identification. You can consider it as the Aadhaar Card of the land.

  • The government’s efforts to create a digital record of lands is another step toward DILRMP (Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme)
  • The longitude and latitude coordinates of the land parcel will decide the identification number.
  • This unique identification number contains the size & area details and also ownership of the plot.

Land Aadhaar Card – Why Do we need it?

Due to the difficulty of handling and securing hand-made records, the government is increasingly using computerized records as a single source of information for all lands. Implementing the ULPIN scheme is another step towards the digitization of land records.

Here are the key benefits of implementing land aadhaar card scheme:

  • This unique identification number will link the land parcel records with the bank and Aadhaar records.
  • It will help in tracking the plot very easily through the identification number.
  • It will provide the complete details regarding the ownership, size, and area of the plot.
  • Transactions will take place in the observation of the system. Also, the data related to the transactions will remain up-to-date.
  • Delivery of various citizen services will become easier through the land records.
  • A single window will provide all the services to the landowners. Therefore, they don’t have to offer money to income and registry officers for the land information.
  • It will prevent any type of fraud in rural India for the ownership of land, where the records are obsolete and not maintained properly.
  • Government departments, financial institutions, and stakeholders can easily check the transactions and other essential data of land records.

The Launch of One Nation One Registration Scheme

One Nation One Registration Scheme is a great initiative taken by the government in the budget 2022-23. Under this scheme, there is a provision for a unique identification number to your land parcel, described as the Aadhaar card of the land.

Our finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced in the budget speech that the government created a new great provision for the creation and implementation of the One Nation One Registration Scheme.  The finance minister told in her speech that this identification number will provide a separate identity to all the land parcels. Landowners in both rural and urban areas can participate in this scheme.

  • This scheme will decrease the fraud of fake bonds and the seizing of land forcefully from illiterate landowners.
  • Digitizing land records will also facilitate government checks on land records and transactions.
  • Registering the land online will create a single window for the landowners regarding the land information.
  • This registration process will provide you with a 14 digit unique alphanumeric ID for your land parcel.

Land Aadhaar Number – What are the plans of the government?

The Union government is making efforts to link Aadhaar numbers with land records. By doing so, landowners can be identified easily. Also, the government can closely watch the transactions involving land parcels this way.

In January 2021, Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union minister for rural development, approved the plan of linking the Aadhaar number with the ULPIN (Unique Land Parcel Identification Number).

The plans of the government for the creation of this unique ID formation are as follows:-

  • This land Aadhaar number will make it easier to check the transactions and links of the Aadhar and bank records.
  • Aadhaar numbers linked to the land parcels decrease the creation of fake bonds.
  • The transactions will take place under the supervision of the government through this number.
  • Computerized records will remain up-to-date and provide the right information to the investors/buyers/stakeholders.
  • The government also released a guideline for the states on how to integrate Aadhaar into their land records software with consent.
  • All these processes will make the identification of documents necessary for the registration of land parcels. This would help in tracking the land parcels easily.

Which States have already adopted ULPIN Initiative?

Currently, the scheme is officially launched in 11 States. States that have adopted ULPIN Scheme are as follows:-

  • Bihar
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Odisha
  • Jharkhand
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Sikkim
  • Goa
  • Maharashtra
  • Chhattisgarh

The government aims to launch this scheme in the whole country by March 2022. Consequently, they will deliver a variety of citizen services to landowners under this scheme.

land aadhaar card scheme

Important Updates Regarding ULPIN in Union Budget 2022

The important updates regarding ULPIN in Union Budget 2022 are as follows:-

  • Finance minister told that it will cost much lesser to make computerized records of land reforms is beneficial for the country in every aspect.
  • It will provide a separate identity to all the land parcels through a unique identification number known as ULPIN.
  • In order to link Aadhaar with ULPINs, a fee of only Rs 3 per record is required, whereas maintaining the authentication of landowner Aadhaar data will cost Rs 5 per record.
  • This will roll out to all the states in the country by March 2022.
  • According to the Parliamentary Standing committee report, it will cost around Rs 50 lakh to launch the One Nation One Registration scheme in each district.
  • The report also revealed that the government will spend 270 crores for linking the land parcels with the Revenue Court Management System.


What is a Unique Land Parcel Identification Number?

ULPIN  (Unique Land Parcel Identification Number) is a unique 14-digit alphanumeric ID.  This will provide a separate identity to all the land reforms of the country.

In how many states is the scheme officially launched?

Presently, the scheme is officially launched in 10 States of the country. It aims to roll out in the whole country by March 2022.

What benefits will it provide to illiterate landowners?

It will help them in preventing the seizing of land forcefully. As the zamindars in rural areas try to seize the land of the illiterate landowners.

When was the planning of the formation of this scheme started?

The planning of the formation of this scheme started before 2014. The Union government was planning to provide a unique identification number to the land reforms since 2014.

Who announced about One Nation One Registration scheme formation in the budget 2022-23?

Our finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the One Nation One Registration Scheme in the financial year budget of 2022-23.

What is the current status of Land records digitization in India?

From 2016 to date, more than 90% of land records in 24 states have already been digitized, according to the Department of Land Resources, a department within the Union Ministry of Rural Development. The Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) has been used for this process.